Did Brent Musburger Call Holly Rowe “Really Smokin'” To Wrap Up Last Night’s Kansas-Baylor Broadcast?

  • Dylan Murphy

That we’re even having this conversation, again, probably shouldn’t be. But ESPN’s Brent Musburger might have dipped his toe into the awkward once again last night at the end of the Kansas-Baylor broadcast when he was signing off for the ESPN crew:

“For Fran Fraschilla, and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin’ tonight.”

Clearly this one wasn’t as bad as the Katherine Webb-Dee Dee Bonner gawking, but you’d think Musburger would distance himself from such adjectives at this point. ESPN won’t be apologizing like last time, because the World Wide Leader claims he said “it was really smokin’ tonight” – though that would be an odd turn of phrase to describe a basketball game. Anyway, here we are again, so decide for yourselves.