You Will Cringe Watching This BYU Basketball Player Getting Poked In The Eye

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Eric Mika Eye PokeBYU was playing Iowa State in basketball… and Cougars freshman Eric Mika got his eye poked. Bad. It’s gruesome. It’s tough to see, but if you watch the replay at ~25 seconds, you should be able to see it. Do not watch if you’re squeamish. Watch if you’re not squeamish.

Via SB Nation:

#50 DeAndre Kane was quickly thrown out of the game for a flagrant foul.

As of the end of the game, all we’ve heard is that Mika was on his way to the hospital to seek an official examination. Keeping our fingers crossed that the injury is only temporary and he’ll be seeing clearly with both eyes for the games to come.

We hope he’s alright.

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