Allen Crabbe Gets Nut Shot As Cal Upsets UNLV

  • Jake O'Donnell

As a (6) seed last year, UNLV was upset by (11) Colorado St. in the 2nd round. When they found themselves drawing a five seed this year, I wouldn’t be so sure they were all that excited. Historically, the five doesn’t have much of an advantage, as they are generally a bigger school who’ve underperformed, while the twelve is a mid-major with the wind at their back. Although that isn’t the case in this years tourney, (12) Oregon already beat (5) Oklahoma State, and, SPOILER ALERT: the Running Rebels were “upset” by the Cal Golden Bears 65-61. If you want to sound like you called it, here are a few facts to throw around about these enigmatic games:

34%- Percentage of the time the (12) has advanced
38- Number of times the (5) has lost
2007- The last time all (5)s advanced past the 1st round (only time in last 12 years)
2012- (5) seeds went 2-2
2009- (5) seeds went 3-1
2013- (5) seeds are batting .1000

(GIF Via Yahoo! Sports, Stats Via Taylor Bern of The Las Vegas Sun)