Canyon Barry Is Bringing Sexy Back At The Free Throw Line

  • Rick Chandler


I once tried to adopt the Rick Barry underhanded free throw style in high school. It did not end well.

My arms are too short, I’m very right-hand dominant and I just did a much better job shooting the conventional way. But Rick Barry’s sons have no problem with it — in fact the youngest, Canyon Barry, has brought the granny-style FT back to the NCAA Men’s Tourney.

Barry, who plays for Florida, treated the masses to four underhand-style free throws in the Gators’ 80-65 win over East Tennessee State today in the East Region. He made three of them — slightly worse than his 89 percent FT percentage for the season.

His dad shot 90 percent from the line in his Hall of Fame NBA career, but is one of only a handful of players to ever shoot underhanded. Most, like Shaq and Dwight Howard, would rather look good missing a free throw than look awkward making one.

Canyon Barry is Rick Barry’s fifth son — the first four, Scooter, Jon, Brent and Drew, all played in the NBA. Canyon is his first son with his third wife, Lynn Barry.

Canyon is better at free throws than any of his brothers. He broke the school record by hitting 47 straight this season, and has improved from 70-percent-plus at the line since he adopted the underhand style.

Even Charles Barkley is touting the style now. And if he can clear that large gut and sink it, anyone can.

Chinanu Onuaku shot underhanded free throws last season at Louisville, and continues with the style this year with the Houston Rockets.