We’re Pretty Sure This Dunk Was Only Called An Offensive Foul At First Because The Refs Figured It Was Too Violent Not To Be

  • Glenn Davis

Louisville’s Chane Behanan posterized Worrel Clahar, a guard from hapless DePaul, early on in a 79-58 win over the Blue Demons. (DePaul now sit at 2-13 in Big East play – like we said, hapless). However, while the dunk was legal (and eventually counted as such), it was initially called an offensive foul. This despite Clahar clearly being inside the restricted area, where a charge can’t be called on an offensive player. The refs huddled, realized the error of their ways, and reversed the call.

But why did they get it so rong in the first place? Well, our guess is that this was a posterization so total – so malicious – that the ref simply saw the dunk and, almost without thinking at all, reacted by saying to themselves, “OK, there’s no way that was not a foul.” See below and judge for yourself:

Poor Clahar. Poor DePaul. (I’m a Rutgers guy, though, so I probably shouldn’t talk.)

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