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Charles Barkley: VCU “Can Tell Everybody To Shut The Hell Up Now”

  • Glenn Davis

If you’re a college basketball fan, there’s a chance you’ve heard about a little story today involving VCU’s win over Kansas today, giving the Rams one of the most improbable Final Four berths of all time. And there exists the slightest possibility that you heard about how some prominent people didn’t think VCU belonged in the tournament (and regardless of performance since, still don’t).

Regardless of anything said at the time, however, VCU’s play since the tournament began is beyond reproach, and with each passing win, the players who so wildly surpassed any expectations of them must be laughing a little bit harder at those who doubted their credentials. And Charles Barkley wouldn’t mind hearing them let everybody know it:

Re: Barkley’s last comment: would you blame them? We couldn’t, at this point. VCU has been nothing short of phenomenal throughout this tournament, and they are absolutely playing well enough that it’s conceivable that a week from tomorrow, they could be crowned national champions. A run like theirs makes it pretty easy to see why the NCAAs are so beloved.

[h/t Ken Fang]