Watch As Coach K Single-Handedly Prevents An Embarrassing Court-Rush By Duke Fans (UPDATE)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

UPDATE: SportsGrid editor Glenn Davis here. Since the publication of this post, some people have contended that there was no actual court-rush happening (as it appeared initially to us… and Dickie V, for whatever that’s worth). With this in mind, we watched the video again. And… yeah, they appear to be right. So while we remain impressed by Coach K’s ability to command the floor even while there’s no actual basketball happening on it, it was for reasons other than preventing an unwarranted court storm. So apologies, Duke fans. We should have assumed better from you, and it’s on me that we didn’t. We’re preserving the original post, which is below.

No. 2 Duke beat unranked UNC in a fairly close game last night, at home. There was no buzzer-beater. Duke was favored by 11 points. They didn’t cover the spread. KenPom gave them something like an 80% chance of winning. A loss would’ve been a shock, rivalry aside. Duke students are smart, so the legend goes. Yet they still tried to rush the court after beating a middling UNC team by five.

But Maestro Coach K is a smart man, and wouldn’t have his beloved Duke be embarrassed like that. He is so revered by students that a simple arm motion stopped the whole legion. It was magical. Invite Coach K to your parties, frat stars of Duke. His presence will forbid any fights or drama.

I’m firmly pro-court-rushing. I’ve rushed Michigan Stadium three times, and I’ve loved it every time. I don’t care what anyone thinks. But if you aren’t rushing on a buzzer-beater, an upset, or a monstrous win, you are embarrassing yourself and devaluing future rushes. You don’t want to do that. Rushing the court/field is a once twice thrice-in-a-lifetime experience.

Duke students, you should be embarrassed. You make it so easy to hate you. My only college interview was with Duke. I met a woman at a library, where she proceeded to grill me about politics for an hour. I don’t like politics. And I especially didn’t like them as a busy, smarmy 17-year old. Then she asked me what books I had read recently outside the classroom. She ignored the tomes of sports books I mentioned. What else? I told her I liked physics. She quizzed me on Stephen Hawking books. I had no answers. She was mean. Duke rejected me.

I bet all of those dunderheaded court-rushers read Stephen Hawking books at 17.

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