With This Quote, Coach K Makes You Barf In Your Mouth A Little

  • Dan Fogarty

Mike Krzyzewski woke up, looked in the mirror, parted his hair to the side, and said to himself: “You know what? Today you’re going to see just how many people you can get to roll their eyes at once, Mike. Like, you’re gonna really go for it. Today. Is. The. Day. Seize it.”

On his Sirius XM radio show, “Basketball and Beyond,” (Sorry, hold on. Okay. My stomach rumbled a bit just now.) Krzyzewski talked about Maryland’s decision to leave the ACC.

First, he discussed the perceived lack of foresight involved in the Terps’ decision-making. The college basketball coach, who earned $7.2 million in 2010, then discussed ripples. (:::rumbling noises::: Sorry. Don’t know what that’s about.)

“It’s like throwing a rock into a pond,” Coach K said. “There’s this big splash. They make a big splash, like we’re gonna make all this money, and then there’s all these ripples. And what are those ripples? Well, I don’t care about the ripples.”

(:::burp::: Gosh. Sorry.)

“They’re not even thinking about the ripples.”

(:::burp::: Excuse me.)

“They’re thinking about making that big splash. I wonder if some of this is egotism. I mean, ego and greed have something to do with it, but there’s not a big perspective here.”

(:::fart::: Heavens.)

“This is an assault on tradition,” Krzyzewski said.

(:::fartfart::: Oh, my. Sorry for that. Sorry for my farting.)

“And our thing is based on all the right values: loyalty, honesty, tradition.”


“And doing things the way we’re doing it now, based on money, I think it takes away from the academic missions and the innocence that an academic institution has.”

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