Colin Cowherd: Jimmer Fredette Exposed As “90% Media Creation, 10% Basketball”

  • Dan Fogarty

Count ESPN’s Colin Cowherd among the members of the media who are not impressed with BYU’s Jimmer Fredette. Today on his radio show, Cowherd said that the media’s adoration for Jimmer had less to do with his basketball skill, and more to do with their desire for a packageable angle.

“We’re looking for stories. Not that the media is always lazy, but we’re looking for stories,” said Cowherd. “If his name was Jim Fredette. James Fredette. But it’s Jimmer. It’s got a TiVo quality. It’s the 50’s, baby, and we just fell for it. That guy, trust me, is coming to an NBA bench near you.”

Although Cowherd is sometimes criticized for being contrarian, and these comments will almost certainly rile up a segment of the country that has bought into Jimmer-mania, he’s not the only member of the media who feels like Fredette got a little more attention than he deserved. On Wednesday, Kevin Blackistone voiced his displeasure over Fredette’s Sports Illustrated cover.

Back to Cowherd. He thinks that the perception of Jimmer has affected fans and writers’ view of his play.

“If Allen Iverson gave you that night, you’d call him a ballhog. Jimmer gives you that night? You somehow find a way to call it magical.”

Here’s the clip, courtesy of ESPN Radio.