Nobody Wants College Basketball Player Brad Waldow’s Tooth

  • Joe Levine

Saint Mary’s led San Diego 51-50 with just over five minutes left in their conference semifinal game when Saint Mary’s forward Brad Waldow took an elbow to the face that knocked out one of his front teeth. Hilarity then ensued as ever single one of his coaches refused to help him out and hang onto the tooth for him.

First, head coach Randy Bennett pulled away in actual horror at the sight of Waldow’s tooth. He tried to get an assistant to take it for him, but his assistant just pointed to the next assistant, who also was no help. So what did Waldow do?

Nobody Wants That Tooth

He threw his tooth on the floor and helped St. Mary’s win the damn game in overtime. The coaching staff better pool some funds and buy this kid veneers.

Check out the video via ESPN:

Kudos to Waldow for toughing things out, and kudos to me for not resorting a pun like “Where’s Waldow(‘s tooth)?” or “You want the tooth? You can’t handle the tooth!”

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