College Basketball Top 25: The Wildcats Are Good — 63 Out Of 65 First Place Votes Good

  • Dan Spritz, @DanSpritz

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Each week we’ll bring you the AP’s college basketball rankings along with serious, measured, professional analysis. Let’s get to Week 7!

1. Arizona (63)

The Wildcats beat “Southern University” last week, a finishing school for sweet tea preparation.

2. Syracuse (2)

The Orange beat High Point last week, despite not playing at their peak.

3. Ohio State

The Buckeyes beat Delaware and Notre Dame last week. They were down eight against the Fighting Irish in the final minute, but focused on their mantra, “Mind Over Matta,” and managed to eke out a win.

4. Wisconsin

The Badgers had no games last week, instead helping to fortify Madison for the winter.

5. Michigan State

The Spartans beat North Florida and Texas last week. Despite repeated pleas from the media, Tom Izzo stated this week that he will only watch the upcoming 300 film if it is a serious Oscar contender.

6. Louisville

The Cardinals beat Missouri State and FIU last week. That the Cardinals were able to do it on a beach is even more impressive.

7. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys beat Delaware State and Colorado last week. Thus concludes the State of Delaware’s relevance in the national college basketball picture.

8. Villanova

The Wildcats beat Rider, an equestrian school, last week. Adding insult to injury, they released all of the horses into the wild at halftime.

9. Duke

The Blue Devils beat Gardner-Webb and UCLA last week. As is Gardner-Webb tradition, before the game Samwise Gamgee and Spiderman held their annual dunk contest.

10. Wichita State

The Shockers beat Alabama and NC Central last week, recording a win against the rare non-directional directional school, college basketball’s white whale.

11. Baylor

The Bears beat “Northwestern State” and “Southern University” last week, effectively obscuring whoever it is that they actually played.

12. Oregon

The Ducks beat UC-Irvine and BYU last week. Oregon also explored basketball’s physical limits, hoping to use quantum entanglement to get buckets but instead winding up with this.

13. Florida

The Gators beat Memphis and Fresno State last week. Avert your eyes though, no one is ever supposed to pay attention to Florida basketball until March. If you look at them too closely now they’ll vanish forever.

14. Iowa State

The Cyclones beat George Mason last week, fully utilizing their 5-on-1 advantage.

15. Connecticut

The Huskies lost to Stanford but beat Washington last week. The win means they will be the nation’s alpha Huskies for the foreseeable future.

16. Kansas

The Jayhawks beat Georgetown last week. Generally speaking though, it was a bad week for the Kansas system, which took a bold stand *against* social media.

17. Memphis

The Tigers lost to Florida but went nuts against Southeast Missouri State last week, pulling off the best steal-blind heave-fast break-alley oop combination of the season.

18. Kentucky

The Wildcats beat Belmont last week. Amazingly, despite being 9-3, the 40-0 dream still lives.

19. North Carolina

The Tar Heels lost to Texas but beat Davidson last week. Even worse, UNC showed how complicit it is in the NCAA’s racket.

20. San Diego State

The Aztecs beat Southern Utah and McNeese State last week. This week they play St. Katherine College, which is too small to have a Wikipedia page. Is obliterating tiny schools part of the Christmas spirit?

21. Colorado

The Buffaloes lost to Oklahoma State last week. It was part of the Coaches vs. Cancer program, which is an excellent cause.

22. Iowa

The Hawkeyes beat Arkansas – Pine Bluff last week. The Golden Lions don’t play their first home game until January 18, but I’m sure Pine Bluff is a lovely town.

23. Massachusetts

The Minutemen beat Ohio and lost to Florida State last week. The loss came in part because of a questionable call in the final minute, but isn’t that the kind of craziness we’ve all come to expect from the Orange Bowl Classic?

24. Gonzaga

The Bulldogs lost to Kansas State last week. With the loss, are we freed from the Zags’ tyranny? Is it possible we’ll be able to write them off early? Am I wildly overreacting to a single game? Am I looking for excuses to remove them from the rankings? Is anyone going to answer these questions?

25. Missouri

The Tigers lost to Illinois last week in the Braggin’ Rights rivalry. Apparently no one told them that, when it comes to rivalries, bragging rights are an implied reward.

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