College Basketball Writer Seth Davis Is Sorry For Calling UFC “Homoerotic”

  • Dylan Murphy

Seth Davis, college hoops writer for Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports, should really be more careful with his tweets. Recently tweeting about UFC, Davis voiced his, well, displeasure. Not with the violence or the fighting or the shortened lifespans or any other normal complaint of a typical detractor, but the homoeroticism. He’s a parent, guys.

Here’s what he had to say in two tweets, which were subsequently deleted (via Outsports):

“Looking on news sites showing picture of two muscular bloody men in homoerotic fighting pose…. Sorry, I’ll never get this UFC thing. Maybe I’m a prude on this but I’m also a dad. I don’t mind my sons watching boxing, but I wouldn’t want them watching a UFC bout”

MMA Mania’s Jesse Holland responded in kind, though not kindly.

“Allow me to translate.

Davis saw [George] St. Pierre, known primarily for his unstoppable wrestling, smothering [Carlos] Condit and working from side control. So what’s the first thing that popped into his head? Gay sex. And that’s something to be condemned in the Davis household, as he would surely fail as a parent if he allowed MMA to convert his children to homosexuality.


Davis, at the very least, did apologize.

“My tweets were stupid and thoughtless and you are right to call me out. Mea culpa.”

Not that Davis shouldn’t be applauded for quickly apologizing, but a quick “mea culpa” doesn’t mitigate his apparent homophobia. It’s there, he just wishes he hadn’t made it widely available for public scorn.