Your Team Not Playing Tomorrow? Sad? Here’s How To Build Your Own Bracket!

  • Jake O'Donnell

Tournament brackets are the best way to crown champions, bar none. Whether it’s NCAA Basketball, the NFL Playoffs, or the World Cup–brackets allow us to weed out the weaklings until one team emerges victorious over all the rest. They’re also the easiest way to get everyone in the world to gamble on a sporting event. But what if your team isn’t in the tournament, and the mere thought of filling out a bracket makes you sick to your stomach (Kentucky, Uconn, anyone?) What can you do to satiate the urge to fill something out in mid March? How about make up your own tournament!

Why are brackets only used to determine the best teams in sports? Why not the best food in Atlanta, or the hottest girls at your college, or the worst food in Atlanta? Well, now the power is in your hands. Check out this bracket maker site, where you can insert anything, seed it, and pit it against anything your little heart desires. Then have your friends fill them out. Hell, make one about your friends and you fill it out. We want to know what your best bracket idea is. Fill one out and Tweet it to us @Sportsgrid.

Photos Via Getty