The Daily Show Tackles BYU’s Honor Code

  • Glenn Davis

It’s been a relatively sports-heavy couple nights for The Daily Show – first they took a look at the absurd Olympic logo “controversy,” and last night, host Jon Stewart turned his attention to BYU’s honor code – specifically, the school’s enforcement of said honor code, which resulted in the dismissal of starting forward Brandon Davies from the school’s basketball team for the rest of the season.

But this isn’t your everyday Daily Show rip-fest…in fact, the show seems pretty impressed with both BYU, for sticking to its guns even though Davies was a key cog on a team that had national title aspirations, and Davies, who owned up to the fact that he violated the honor code, even though his transgression (premarital sex with his girlfriend) would have been viewed as commonplace at practically any other school short of Bob Jones University.

You can see the show’s take on this Tale of Principled Behavior at the 1:48 mark of the video below. Oh, and there’s also something about a league-wide mascot orgy.