Why Yes, Dan Dakich Did Date The Mom Of The Woman Holding A “Dan Dakich Dated My Mom…Seriously” Sign

  • Dylan Murphy

During last night’s Indiana-Ohio State broadcast in Bloomington, ESPN’s camera panned to a fan’s sign that had nothing to do with the game. No, this one was directed at ESPN color commentator Dan Dakich, or really anyone with a curious mind, and we assume it was purposed at getting the young lady (not the guy in front, as it would initially appear) on TV. It read:

Now, Dan: you gotta tell us. Is it true? Did you date her mom?

You did! Wait, what was her name? We couldn’t really make out what he mumbled there, but at least we got some on-air confirmation, despite Mike Tirico’s earnest pleading. It’s also worth noting that Dan Dakich is married and 50 years old, so that relationship must have happened many years ago. And there must have been quite the spark for Dakich to remember it so fondly on live television. We just hope his wife wasn’t listening.

But what’s with the “…seriously”? That’s quite the underhanded slap in the face right there. Jeez that Dan Dakich is an ugly dude, can’t believe mom did him for a while. Oh, but she did. And Dakich, man is he proud of it. He used to slay EVERYONE back in the day.