Duke Reminds Us That You Can Flop On Offense, Too

  • Rick Chandler


There’s a lot of noise on social media right now about Harry Giles’ debut for Duke on Monday vs. Tennessee State, but that’s not what was interesting to me. Take a look below at his shameless flop on this layup by the Blue Devils’ Grayson Allen. If you want to know why so many people hate Duke, point to this as the most recent example.

Yeah, a lot of Duke hate is really jealousy — it’s kike that when a fundamentally-sound team wins on a consistent basis. And let’s face it, a lot of people dislike them because they feature more white guys than the average big-time college basketball program.

But when you’re flopping on offense, some of that distaste is justified.

And Jesus wept …


Thanks to Barstool Sports for finding this, below:

WWJD? Probably not that.

And let’s not confine our brickbats for Allen. How about the ref who called this? Call what you see, not what you guess. Take his whistle and make him call high school games for a month.