And The Award For “Most Obscene Paragraph” In The New ESPN Book Goes To Bobby Knight

  • Dan Fogarty

There’s a lot of sordid things in Those Guys Have All the Fun, the new ESPN tell-all that hits store shelves tomorrow. There’s the stuff about the office hallway screwing. There’s also the stuff about the poorly-aimed nightclub pissing. Oh, and there’s also the stuff about the cocaine-induced mail-room hooking.

But if it’s good old fashioned profanity you’re after, no portion of the book outdoes a quote from legendary former coach and current ESPN analyst Bobby Knight.

Here’s Knight, unedited, on what he thinks of fellow ESPNer Jeremy Schaap, who interviewed the just-fired Knight in 2000 (no, the interview did not go well).

“They gave me three people to choose from who would do that interview, and I picked Schaap because of his dad,” Knight said. “I didn’t even know the kid. I had Digger [Phelps] tell Schaap that there was a question that I’d like for him to ask, and he refused to ask it. He told Digger, ‘I can’t do that. I can’t ask something that he wants asked.’ I didn’t enjoy that interview at all. I thought the guy was a chickenshit little cocksucker. Forget that guy. I have no interest in talking about that. Jesus Christ, enough of this bullshit.”

And yes, I do believe we’ve discovered Bobby Knight’s favorite curse word.

[ESPN goes under the knife with new book] Sports Illustrated