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America: Is This The Sorriest ESPN Sign You’ve Ever Seen?

  • Dan Fogarty

You see them all the time. Those signs, held by fans at the televised sporting event you’re watching, displaying an acronym for the network broadcasting the televised sporting event you’re watching. It’s a time-honored strategy, and one that sports fans who want to get on TV have been employing for years.

An NBC-televised football game in Dallas? “Nobody Beats the Cowboys” will probably get you on TV. An ABC-televised basketball game in Los Angeles? “All Blake Channel” will probably get you on TV. But last night, during ESPN’s televised coverage of the Michigan State Spartans at the Indiana Hoosiers, the limit of what’s acceptable for a TV network acronym sign was truly stretched to its limits. America: please turn your attention to the bottom right corner.

“Every Spartan Plays Not good.” Let that marinate for a moment.

Indiana would get a huge win over Michigan State, sure. But I can’t help but feel like something else — something else a little more important, perhaps — was lost last night.

[Andy Gray]