ESPN Eavesdrops On FGCU Pep Rally Just In Time To Hear “F*ck The Gators” Chant (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’ve ever attended a college or university, you know how ruckus things can become. In fact, if you’ve ever been 19 years old, and in a crowded room with television cameras, you know how quickly things can escalate to “inappropriate.” Now imagine you’re attending a relative unknown school in Fort Myers, Florida, your team has become the biggest underdog of all-time, and is now facing the best sports program in the nation–and your state’s namesake university–Florida. License to chant “F*ck” granted.

My favorite part is when you can see an older gentleman turn to a younger person behind him, and presumably ask, “What are they saying?” After which he looks surprisingly unappologetic. But not this girl, who clearly realizes how, um, unflattering such behavior might be. “I can’t believe they’re f*cking saying f*ck!”