Incredibly Important NCAA Tourney Update: Florida Gulf Coast Drops Official “Dunk City” Anthem And Harlem Shake Video

  • Jake O'Donnell

What do you get when you combine a quiet little unknown school, two dramatic NCAA tournament upsets, and internet phenomena? No, not revenge porn meme GIFs. You get this:

Parties at this school have increased in potency by an exponent of 10. Sweet sixteen merchandise is flying off the school bookstore shelves. “Our heads have not gotten bigger,” school President Wilson Bradshaw told the AP. That’ll be difficult to control over the coming week, as FGCU revels in being the first No. 15 to reach the sweet sixteen in NCAA history. Students have already dropped a hip hop anthem for their run, aptly named “Dunk City.” Either FGCU is so out of the basketball loop that they are unaware the Clippers already own that title, or they’ve been blinded by the glare of the spot light they now find themselves in. Regardless, expect more spirited hype videos from the Eagles.