Making A Jersey Shore Reference Is Really The Only Way To Call A Dramatic Game-Winner

  • Glenn Davis

Florida State’s women’s basketball team beat North Carolina State 67-64 on Friday, thanks to a three-pointer by guard Leo Rodriguez in the final seconds, and a missed desperation heave by the Wolfpack. A dramatic finish, to be sure, but we don’t know if any finish is dramatic or just plain crazy enough to warrant the call it received. According to Awful Announcing, that call came from Ryan Pensy of the Seminole IMG Sports Network. It comes at the 37-second mark below:

There are a lot of things one might wonder upon hearing that call (besides laughing, which I’ll admit was my initial reaction). This is what Awful Announcing’s Matt Yoder wondered:

If someone on your team just nailed a clutch three pointer to win a road game in the ACC, would your mind immediately go to a barely passable Jersey Shore pun?

And to that, I think I have the answer: this was no spur-of-the-moment creation. No, Pensy thought this one up a while ago, was definitely proud of it, probably practiced it in his head (and possibly out loud) several times, and was just biding his time until the right moment struck. Then, he saw his opening, he ran right through…and we’re glad he did, because someone actually said that during a basketball broadcast. Side note: I live in Hoboken, N.J. Snooki and JWoww are getting a spinoff series that will supposedly do some filming in…Hoboken. My roommate and I are thinking about moving.