George Washington University’s New Basketball Floor Is Very Phallic

  • Rick Chandler

Do you have a hard-on for patriotism? Then you’ll like the new design that George Washington University has come up with for the new basketball floor at the Charles E. Smith Center.

I think it’s pretty cool, my Freudian issues aside. There’s the White House, the U.S. Capitol building and the Washington Monument. Which means, if it’s anything like what it depicts, that absolutely nothing will get done on two-thirds of the floor.

The hashtag on the far right? Do not like.

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“After our graduating students and student-athletes enjoyed their Commencement ceremony on the National Mall yesterday, unveiling this spectacular new floor design today further emphasizes our campus setting in the heart of D.C.,” said Director of Athletics and Recreation Patrick Nero. “When people around the world are watching our games, we want them to immediately recognize and understand the university’s unique setting in the middle of the action in this world-class city.”


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