God’s Shenanigans: Texas Is Moving On Because They Shot Two Late Air Balls

  • Rick Chandler

God: “Watch me screw with Arizona State on these last two possessions, you know, because of their nickname.”

When is an air ball good for your team? When it lands right in the lap of your largest player, who then lays it in at the buzzer to win the game. Cameron Ridley grabbed the brick, after a long 3-point attempt by Jonathan Holmes never even hit the rim, and put it back over the outstretched arm of ASU’s 7-foot-2 Jordan Bachynski to give Texas an 87-85 win.

Texas scored on a similar play on the previous possession when Jonathan Holmes grabbed an air ball by Javan Felix and converted a three-point play with 32 seconds left.

Arizona State’s bench reacts to God’s shenanigans:

Previously Thursday night, No. 12 North Dakota State beat No. 5 Oklahoma, 80-75.

It was a painful win, however:

See you in a few hours, folks.