There Are Some Gorgeous Big-Brand Redesigns For College Basketball Teams Too

  • Eric Goldschein

ucla redesignEarlier we showed you Dead Dilly’s fantastic re-branding of all 30 NBA teams (and some defunct ones) as if they were created by corporations or high-end designers. He’s also got a set of designs for his Sweet 16, which so far is intact. Luckily, he didn’t have Ohio State or Cincinnati in there.

Though the idea of advertising-laden NBA jerseys is close to becoming a reality, don’t worry about the NCAA adopting these any time soon. After all, college sports is all about love for the game, and not at all about wringing money from every possible nook and cranny to in order to deposit the surplus into the wallets of the players Mark Emmert.

Yeah, anyway, these are gorgeous, not to mention clever (Michigan Wolverines, anyone?). Check ’em out, and then give Dilly the follows/likes/love he deserves.