Today In Awkward Racial Moments: Doug Gottlieb Offers “The White Man’s Perspective” To African American Panel (UPDATE)

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’ve ever listened to his radio show, or watched a game Doug Gottlieb has commentated, this won’t be a surprise to you: he is tone deaf. He certainly means well, but whether it’s second guessing players’ split second decisions or barking orders from the broadcast booth as if he were a coach — it’s apparent that he doesn’t realize just how obnoxious he is. Admittedly, his job isn’t easy. But seriously dude, don’t refer to yourself as offering “the white man’s perspective.” That sounds like you’re offering up the perspective of people who identify themselves as “white men,” which just makes everyone think you’re representing a hate group. The “white man’s perspective” sounds like Doug Gottlieb will be analyzing tournament games through the lens of a 19th century plantation owner. Greg Anthony’s reaction says it all.

But if you watch closely (which I can’t without cringing) you will notice that Doug has no idea how utterly inappropriate such friendly racial banter is among coworkers. Welcome to America, Doug, people don’t talk like that anymore! He smiles and delivers the canned line “I’m here to bring diversity to the set,” referring to the all African American panel. Ya Doug, you do bring a nice embarrassing-off-the-cuff-racist-element to an otherwise sports related broadcast. Consider it asquirmative action.

UPDATE: Gottlieb has apologized for the comment:

“It was not a smart thing to say and I apologize.”

While again, he meant no harm, this was the right course of action. For the record, though, Charles Barkley wants all the Gottlieb-haters to quit hating.

H/T Yahoo Sports