Today In “Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do”: Flip Off The Opposing Student Section Before A Game Ends

  • Glenn Davis

First, we should probably get this out of the way: despite the title of this post, we at SportsGrid do not endorse giving the middle finger to an opposing student section, no matter how much of a king it might make you feel like in the moment and no matter how much crap they’ve been giving you, at any point. But if fate has predetermined that, at some point, you must do it, then we would strongly advise you to wait until the game ends. You’ll be loathed by the opposing team’s fans either way – you’re either insufferably gloating in victory or being the ultimate sore loser – but at least you can’t, say, miss two critical free throws after flipping everybody off:

That’s Halil Kanacevic, a junior forward for St. Joseph’s (Pa.), and he had a rough game last night: just four points, and five turnovers. But he actually made the above gesture after his best moment of the night: a three to put St. Joe’s ahead of Villanova in the second half, 50-47. In that moment, Kanacevic was on top of the world. But the game had many more moments left. Moments like, say, the entire last two minutes of the game. Here’s how things went for Kanacevic then, starting with his Hawks leading by five:

Foul, turnover, missed free throws, turnover, Villanova goes on 9-0 game-ending run. Yeah, Kanacevic is still a college kid and it feels a little wrong to pick on a college kid too much, but that has to be about as litte as anyone has ever lived up to a brag. And don’t Nova fans know it. That photo above of Kanacevic’s unblurred bird? It may be hanging in a few Nova fans’ homes soon:

And failing that, they’ll just do stuff like this. When you’re a part of a fierce rivalry like St. Joe’s-Villanova (or any Big 5 school, really), you’re going to be hated by someone. Embrace that hate if you want – but as Kanacevic can tell you now, if you’re going to, you’ll want to pick your spots. A few postgame reactions to the Middle Fingers of Doom below, via CSN Philly.

AP photo, by Michael Perez, via