Grantland Unveils Bracket For “Most Hated College Basketball Player Of The Last 30 Years,” Duke Gets Their Own Region

  • Jake O'Donnell

The guys over at Grantland can do things mere mortals cannot, like recall their feelings about collegiate sports figures from 30 years ago. Sure enough, they’ve seeded a bracket containing the “Most hated college basketball players of the last 30 years.” Naturally, it’s broken down into four regions, much like the NCAA tournament, although Grantland’s bracket doesn’t use locations, but eras: 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, etc. Alas, the one remaining bracket is aptly named “Duke”, I’m assuming after early 19th century controversial British General, the much maligned Duke of Wellington. Leaving 17,000 troops west of Mt-Saint-Jean? Preposterous!

“Hate” is a strong word to use about anyone. And all these guys have probably contributed tens of millions of dollars to charity in their lives. What’s more, they are fathers and brothers and sons and mentors and DEAR GOD I HATED J.J. REDICK SO MUCH IT KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT! Because he has to compete with the 7 other Dukies in his region, they have J.J. as a 2 seed. Here’s a quick rundown of the other top seeds:

1 seeds:
Patrick Ewing
Jalen Rose
Christian Laettner
Tyler Hansborough

2 seeds:
Reggie Miller
Larry Johnson
Joakim Noah
J.J. Redick

To look for yourself or your favorite player, check out the complete bracket, by clicking here.