Here’s Nate Silver’s Final Four, Complete With Percentages And Stats And Other Numbers (VIDEO)

  • Eric Goldschein

nate silver espnNate Silver is with ESPN now, which means all of the brain-and-computing power that once went towards politics is now rightfully geared towards filling out a bracket. Good news for you — unless your friends also watch television, have a computer, or are otherwise able to gain access to the news cycle, because then everyone will just copy Silver’s bracket and no one will win anything.

Silver was on SportsCenter earlier, giving his picks for the Final Four and national champion. He also gave a lengthy rundown of his predictions on the new FiveThirtyEight blog. Numbers were involved:

nate silver final four

A Final Four of Michigan State (the trendy pick), Arizona, Florida and Louisville seems reasonable, though Louisville’s 15 percent chance at winning the title (the highest in the field — see the video below) has to come as a bit of a shock. The Cardinals were definitely under-seeded, but was anyone talking about them as a contender before the AAC tournament?

Silver himself says that a guy from Estonia could end up winning your pool this year, so take these predictions with many shakers of salt: