VIDEO: D-Bag Indiana Player Bumps Coach K

  • Jake O'Donnell

Say what you will about Mike Krzyzewski — he wins too much, he ruins college basketball by stealing all the good players, his name is impossible to spell — just don’t knock him as a basketball coach. Also, don’t literally knock him while he’s coaching basketball. That’s blasphemous. The man is the head coach of the United States Men’s Olympic Basketball Team. He’s a national hero for shit’s sake.

Hoosiers senior forward Max Bielfeldt, who doubles as the top student in the Cobra Kai dojo, clearly doesn’t see it that way. Bielfeldt seemed to have intentionally bumped Coach K as he was heading towards the locker room at the half during Wednesday’s Duke-Indiana game.

It could’ve been an accident, sure, but does this look like the kind of guy who accidentally bumps his opponents’ coach? Is it just me or does he look exactly the guy who bodyslammed you out of a frat party your sophomore year? I’ll try not to read this book by its cover, so I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t mean it (as Coach K has done), but still, it’s hard to imagine this was an accident seeing as Bielfeldt didn’t IMMEDIATELY turn around to apologize for running into THE GREATEST BASKETBALL COACH OF ALL TIME.

(Full disclosure: I hate Duke just like the rest of you.)

How awesome would it have been if Coach K chased this kid into the locker room?

Jake O'Donnell

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