Indianapolis Star Front Page, Post-Title-Game: “Blue II”

  • Glenn Davis

Now this is how you do a dog pun. There was much talk leading up to, and in the wake of, last night’s national championship game between Butler and UConn about both teams being named after breeds of dog (UConn Huskies, Butler Bulldogs).

However, most of that talk centered around predictable puns, so people tired of it all rather quickly. The Indianapolis Star, though, found a way around all that, while still making a dog reference (specifically to Butler’s bulldog mascot, Blue II). Here’s how they did it:

Brilliant. Like Man Getting Hit By Football, it works on so many levels. You’ve got the Blue II reference, and Butler’s feeling blue for the second year in a row after the national title game…just outstanding. And then the picture of a dejected Matt Howard tying it all together (Howard shot 1-13)…well, at least a game that bad produced a front page this good. Well done, Star.