Iowa State Fans Mock Marcus Smart With Coordinated Mass Flopping Routine (Genius)

  • Rick Chandler

Of course I’m surprised that no student section has done this before: kudos to Iowa State, whose rooting section organized a mass flopping in the stands to needle Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart, who has a reputation for such antics. Check out the flier below to truly appreciate the care and craftsmanship behind all of this.


The stunt was organized by Iowa State junior Michael Harris and fliers with instructions for fans were handed out to those in the student section before the game. Harris says he was inspired by Smart’s “infamous” reputation around the Big 12 for trying to draw fouls by flopping.

The Cyclones wound up erasing a 16-point deficit to beat the Cowboys, 85-81, in overtime.

Meanwhile, an example of when it’s OK to storm the court: University of Nevada (Reno) beats visiting UNLV in last regular season game, 76-72. It was the first time the Wold Pack had beaten UNLV at home since 2004.