Is This John Calipari’s Last Game At Kentucky, No Matter What The Outcome?

  • Eric Goldschein

john calipariConnecticut and Kentucky are battling for the national championship as we speak (meaning: as I type), in a battle of two “Cinderellas” that are hardly Cinderellas. Even if you’re disappointed that Kentucky didn’t go 40-0, however, you have to be impressed with the job John Calipari has done molding his young team into a contender. This is what he does, of course: Take a bunch of young, talented, probably one-and-doners and make them champions.

According to Rex Chapman, this will be Calipari’s last year doing that (for now):

Well, with hashtags like #DoneDeal and #NoBS, he has to be serious! Except the Lakers are denying it (as they should, with a coach still under contract and the season still ongoing):

No idea where Chapman gets his intel from, but the move makes sense on paper: Calipari has nothing left to prove at Kentucky regardless of whether he wins a second title, and the Lakers will almost certainly look for a new coach after this season (bye, Mike D’Antoni). Cal’s first stint in the NBA didn’t go so well (a 72-112 record with the Nets), but that likely fuels his desire to get it right the second time.

So enjoy this game, Kentucky fans and haters alike. This could be the last chance you get to love/hate Calipari’s recruiting philosophy and coaching style for awhile.


Photo via Wikipedia