America: Is This The Scariest 8th-Grade Football Player Of All Time?

  • Glenn Davis

Jarnell Stokes is a big guy. The Tennessee power forward coming off a Freshman All-SEC campaign (for which he had no advance preparation, since he immediately enrolled at UT after graduating high school early) is 6-foot-8, 270 pounds. You’d think a guy that big – and keep in mind, he’s only 18; he might have more growing left to do – wouldn’t be the only big guy in his family. And you’d be right. Stokes has a younger brother, Isaiah. Isaiah is in 8th grade, and recently took up football. Here’s what that looks like, via Jarnell himself:

Hey, kid, I’d be running away from him too.

According to this, Isaiah Stokes is currently 6-foot-7, 225 pounds, rather than 8-foot-3, as he appears in the photo above. (And according to his Twitter account in which he’s retweeted about 26,000 people talking about the photo, Isaiah Stokes is enjoying his moment in the sun.) Another thing to enjoy about the photo: the kid he’s going after doesn’t even have the ball. Is he trying to throw him aside to make a tackle? Is he on offense trying to throw a block?

Either way… that poor kid, trying to avoid the 9-foot-2 Isaiah Stokes. Just imagine when he’s his brother’s age: a 10-foot-7 terror off the edge/center who actually looks down at the basket. Remember this moment, people: when 12-foot-5 Isaiah Stokes is dominating both the NBA and NFL in 2025 or so, you’re going to want to say you knew his name back when it all began.

[h/t Wes Rucker via CJ Fogler]