Just Thank The Lord This Isn’t The Kiss Cam

  • Rick Chandler

And now here’s your NCAA Tournament championship game ropundu … ow! Cramp!

Halftime, UConn leading 35-31, Randle playing sparingly due to cramps. All in all an entertaining finale, well worth watching even though your office pool bracket was given a Viking funeral last week.

So they decided to have mercy on me and change a line in the Burger King commercial, this preventing me temporarily from going postal. After Chris Webber asks “Can I get a Big King?”, the little pale doofus replies “Can we make a deal?”

The deal should be to retire this nonsensical ad.

But back to game action: UConn was obviously the better-prepared team, and got out to a big lead, but Kentucky’s superior talent is beginning to show through. It’s 2014, folks, and these things are always decided by recruiting.

Most bizarre aspect of playing at JerryWorld: the team benches are below the court, but the head coaches get to sit on the surface of the floor, and are provided with little stools. When Calipari sits, I expect him to be holding a microphone and introduce his next song.