Jay Bilas: VCU’s Tournament Run “Does Not Make My Argument Wrong”

  • Glenn Davis

Jay Bilas knows what he said about VCU on Selection Sunday. He also knows you’re enjoying talking trash about him now that the Rams are playing out of their minds…but even in light of what VCU’s accomplished, and no matter what they d the rest of the way, don’t expect him to back away from those initial comments.

Speaking to Newsday’s Neil Best, in fact, Bilas said actual tournament performance is irrelevant to his original point:

“Those arguments for selection are Selection Sunday-only arguments. They have nothing to do with performance. I’ll put it this way: The fact that VCU has played extraordinarily well and won does not make my argument wrong. Similarly, the fact that UAB lost and did not play well does not make my argument against them right.”

And Bilas is also mighty disappointed in you, inattentive fan talking trash:

“If one actually listened intently to what was said on Selection Sunday, the argument was basically that Colorado or Virginia Tech was worthy of getting in first, not that any one team didn’t belong at all.”

We’ve got no qualms with Bilas ourselves, but a scolding tone like that doesn’t make it difficult to see why one might criticize him for “tak[ing] himself and his opinions far too seriously,” as former coach and announcer Tom Penders recently did. And to Bilas’ credit, he told Best that the criticism he’s received “doesn’t bother [him] a bit” – which, for the record, is exactly the same way he responded to Penders’ shots.

So yes, it appears Bilas can take it – and he probably knew he’d be getting some grief as soon as VCU started demolishing opponents. If they beat Florida State tonight, he’ll hear more. Consider it the trade-off for getting a high-profile outlet to voice your opinions. We’d take that deal.

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