Jay Williams Accidentally Diagrams Sex On White Board

Jay Williams Accidentally Diagrams Sex On White Board
  • Jake O'Donnell

During a game of March Madness Pictionary, ESPN commentator Jay Williams was given the task of capturing Duke shooting guard Grayson Allen in 30 seconds on a dry erase board. Naturally, he began to draw an upright stick figure that was tripping another, perpendicular stick figure. In theory, this should be enough to convey the gist of Grayson Allen. In practice, it looked like one stick figure was making little stick figures with the other stick figure.

To be fair, Grayson Allen might also do this to his opponents when cameras aren’t around. We simply cannot know where this young man draws the line.

Speaking of drawing lines, Jay Williams drew lines and they were having sex!

This is what ESPN gets for trying to fill 24-hours of airtime with NCAA Tournament coverage on three channels. Madness.

A very appropriate reaction, below…

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