Jim Boeheim Can’t Address Your Social Media Questions Since He Doesn’t Even Own A Computer, Is A Geezer

  • Tom Lorenzo

Now probably isn’t the time to tell Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim that he has 300 followers on Twitter. Because not only does Boeheim not know what social media is, but he doesn’t even own a computer. Which, to be honest, seems a little strange.

When asked by CBS Sports to comment on the use of social media in college basketball, Boeheim responded with what seemed to be a curious answer. He said, “I don’t even know what it is. It would be hard to address that, wouldn’t it? I have a cell phone, is that what you are talking about? I don’t have a computer or anything else.” Wait, really? How does the head basketball coach of one of the premier college basketball programs not own a computer?

You would think that it’s a necessity in order to expand your ability to recruit, right? But, then again, I suppose that Boeheim could always just argue, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” With his track record, including a perfect 18-0 on the current season, he doesn’t need your stinking computers! Watch as Boeheim is baffled by your social medias and Internets and whatnots (comment is at the 50-second mark):

We bet you got thought things we going to get a little interesting when St. Louis head coach Rick Majerus reached into his pocket and asked for the cameras to zoom in. Ummm, you’re not going to… are you? Phew. He’s just pulling out his old cellphone. We’re good.

[Syracuse.com, h/t Richard Peng]