BYU Star Jimmer Fredette Hits 40-Foot Buzzer Beater…Then Misses Dunk (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

BYU senior guard Jimmer Fredette is one of the best college basketball players in the nation. He was averaging nearly 25 points per game going into last night’s contest against Utah, and then, in his team’s 104-79 blowout win over the Utes, he had his best game yet – 47 points, 6 three-pointers, 16-for-28 shooting – and one moment he’d rather forget.

Fredette was already on fire in the first half – 29 points – when he got the ball with just a few seconds left before intermission. And when Fredette gets the ball, he knows what to do with it, even if it’s a last-second desperation heave:

We can’t even blame the announcers for going that crazy. Their man was absolutely on fire. Well, except for one moment. Remember how we said that when he gets the ball, he knows what to do with it? That’s usually true. At the 13-second mark of the video below (also from last night)…not so much.

Ouch. A 25-point win in which you score 47 points will go a long way toward making up for moments like that, though…and we imagine Fredette was still pretty pleased with how things went last night.