Join SportsGrid’s Official Bracket Challenge And Show The World How Smart You (Also, Win A Candle)

  • SportsGrid Staff

tom izzo march madness

The field for the Big Dance is set. Your top seeds are Florida, Wichita State, Arizona and Virginia. Wichita State might have a tough go… wait a second, you’ll get no free analysis here! We’re about to be enemies!

At best, your odds of filling out a perfect bracket are something like 1 in 128 billion. But while some people out there claim that they’ll give you a billion dollars for completing this impossible task, we’d like to extend a more humble, gracious offer: Join our ESPN Tournament Challenge Group and prove how much smarter you are than people who do this kind of thing for a living.

You’re probably not going to beat us, of course — but you can try. And you know what? Just because I’m so confident in SportsGrid’s ability to fill out a bracket (for a tournament that routinely fucks over even the most expert-y of experts, the sagest of the sage, the best of the best), we’re giving away a candle to whoever takes first place in our group. Seriously: first prize is this large, kind of odd-smelling “First Down” candle from Yankee Candle that we got one time as a joke. It smells like leather and grass. We burned it slightly to test the fragrance, and it’s otherwise in good condition. It can be yours! We will actually send this to you!

You’ll also win our respect, but that’s a little harder to brag to your friends about. In fact, we’ll invite you onto Off The Grid, the SportsGrid podcast, to talk about your strategy and how you got to be so special.

So go fill out a bracket — you only get one in our group — and join in (you can also search for “ [2014]” if you get lost). Remember, you need to be locked and loaded by Thursday morning.

And you know what, here’s a little advice, on the house: Don’t go all chalk. It never works out that way, it’s more fun when upsets happen (and even more fun when you called those upsets). Good luck.

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