Photo Finish: This Woman Is A HUGE Kansas Basketball Fan

  • Glenn Davis

That’s Kat Steward. She’s featured in Pat Forde’s latest “Forde Minutes” column on ESPN. Yes, it’s because of that tattoo, which features Kansas athletics’ rallying cry (“Rock Chalk, Jayhawk”) in front of a flowery, KU-colored meadow in which both a basketball and KU’s Jayhawk mascot can be found, and then in back of all that features the likeness of KU’s iconic basketball arena, Allen Fieldhouse, as well as a ribbon circling Allen Fieldhouse like a halo (added later), commemorating KU’s 2008 national championship.

Kansas basketball is a storied program with a vast legion of die-hard fans (and I don’t just say that because SportsGrid/Mediaite managing editor Colby Hall is one of them).But even among such devoted fans, I’d have to say Steward has a leg (or at least, amazingly intricate back tattoo) up on most of them.