This Is What Kentucky Basketball Fans Do To Watch A Glorified Practice

  • Glenn Davis

Well, no one can accuse Kentucky basketball fans of being complacent. The school’s coming off its first NCAA title since 1998 – a title UK fans celebrated celebrated heartily – but the focus is on the new season now. John Calipari would surely tell you that (and given that UK’s major contributors this season will be mostly new, it’d be more believable coming from him than most coaches who just won it all), and based on the way Kentucky fans lined up for the school’s annual Big Blue Madness event, they’re purely looking ahead at this point, too:

Whether you spent that video soaking in the soothing sounds of Coldplay or honing in on the one tent that just refuses to go up, its tough not to marvel at this campout for tickets to what is… an open practice. Not a game. We’re talking about practice, etc., etc. Granted, it’ll be a spirited atmosphere, it’s the first chance to get a look at the new team, but… people are camping out to watch a preliminary scrimmage. And that’s… pretty much what makes Kentucky basketball Kentucky basketball.