Here’s Kevin Ware Listing The Top 10 Things Going Through Kevin Ware’s Mind When He Broke His Leg

  • Eric Goldschein

The award tour for Kevin Ware and his broken tibia continued when he visited David Letterman on Late Night. After fielding the usual round of questions (“Wasn’t your bone sticking out your leg?” “Didn’t that hurt?”) with surprising humor and aplomb, he delivered the nightly “Top 10” list. Last night’s theme: Thoughts going through Kevin Ware’s mind as he broke his leg.

The kid has comedy chops. Check it out:

“At least my bracket’s not busted.” Now that’s optimism! Kevin, we couldn’t agree more. Considering a lot of people probably went chalk and have your team winning it all, that’s what we’re most thankful for. Besides your good health and all that.

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