Kevin Ware Will Travel To The Final Four, Conducts First Post-Injury Interview

  • Glenn Davis

Kevin Ware’s broken leg was awful and chilling to watch, but thankfully what’s happened since has been pretty much the opposite. The day following his injury brought plenty of good (considering the circumstances) news, and today came more of it: Ware’s been cleared to travel to the Final Four in Atlanta with his teammates.

And Ware himself apparently feels up to discussing the whirlwind that’s surrounded him nonstop since his injury – he sat down with ESPN’s Rece Davis to discuss hi life over the past few days. Things got emotional (starting around the 6:35 mark, though the whole thing is worth watching) – and there’s a pretty good chance you will, too.

If you wondered whether there existed anything that could make you root for Kevin Ware even harder… we think you’ve got your answer.