Know Your NCAA Tourney Mid-Majors: The American Eagles (It’s A Basketball Team)

  • Eric Goldschein

american eagles

For the next week until tipoff, we’ll be taking a look at all the mid-major teams to make the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. Here’s your preview for the most American team of all time: American.

Note: It was crazy hard finding a picture we could use of the Eagles. The above photo is from 2008.

Believe it or not, American University was not founded on Plymouth Rock, nor does it house the Liberty Bell or take credit for building the Statue of Liberty. Turns out it’s just a school in Washington, D.C. that was chartered by an Act of Congress. It’s a very politically active university. They also have a basketball team, which plays in the Patriot League. If it seems like they kind of go overboard with the America thing, you’re right, but don’t say that, or the NSA will get you.

The Eagles grabbed a 15 seed and will play against Wisconsin thanks to a Patriot League championship over Boston University, whom they held to 36 points. That’s impressive, but can they do the same against a team that is actually, well, good? That’s your call to make (our call is no).


Record: 20-12 (13-5).

Conference: Patriot League.

Quality Wins: BU, I guess?

Last NCAA Appearance: 2009.

Location: Washington, D.C., United States of America.

Notable Alumni: David Aldridge, Goldie Hawn, Judge Judy.

Strengths: Taking it slowly, shot selection.

Weaknesses: Stopping good teams.

Best Tweet: For obvious reasons, it’s really hard to find good tweets when typing in “American” and “University” into Twitter. But we did find this:

Fight song:

All hail the mighty AU Eagles!
Where there’s a fight we’ll see it through!
You can be sure we’ll be triumphant,
When we wear red, white and blue!
All hail the mighty AU Eagles!
We’ll conquer all adversity!
So let’s all join in and give a yell for AU and victory!

Can you count on them for an upset?: Doubtful. Very doubtful. Wisconsin may play more to American’s liking than other 2-seeds out there, but this is an example of why Coach K would rather see more ACC teams in the tournament than, say, Patriot League members. No offense to American — we’ll be rooting for you, just not putting you into the next round.

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