Know Your NCAA Tourney Mid-Majors: The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

  • Rick Chandler

For the next week until tipoff, we’ll be taking a look at all the mid-major teams to make the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. Right now, Coastal Carolina.

Coastal Carolina is 11th in the nation in rebounding, and seventh in the nation in on-campus drug arrests (see below), that latter ranking being the highest of any team that has a chance to make the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. No wonder its mascot, Chauncey, is posing here atop a police car: you can’t swing a dead chicken on the Conway, SC campus without hitting one.

OK haters, the Chanticleers are officially part of March Madness for the first time in 21 years … only Mercer (so far) has a longer drought among 2014 entrants (29 years). CC won the Big South Tournament with a 76-61 victory over Winthrop, led by 22 points from junior Warren Gillis and 19 from junior Josh Graham.

They’ll likely get a No. 16 seed (plays taps).

Let’s meet the Chanticleers:


Record: 21-12 (11-5).

Conference: Big South.

Location: Conway, South Carolina.

Last NCAA Tourney Appearance: 1993.

Best Tweet:

Notable Alumni: Tyler Thigpen, Dustin Johnson, Jerome Simpson.

Mascot: Chauncey.

Sept. 22, 2007 has gone down in mascot lore as the day a costumed rooster attacked a costumed dog, and the fight had to be broken up by police. Duke was in the midst of thrashing Coastal Carolina in football, 45-10, when Duke the Dog decided to get in a little trash talk on Chauncey, adding a swift kick to the ass for emphasis. Chauncey responded in typical rooster fashion, by tackling Duke and administering a brief pummeling, until a cop pulled him off.

Strengths: Defense, rebounding.

Weaknesses: Outside shooting, overall size.

Cool Fact:Main campus is minutes from Myrtle Beach.

Best Police Blotter Item:

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