Know Your NCAA Tourney Mid-Majors: The North Dakota State Bison

  • Eric Goldschein

ndsu bison

For the next week until tipoff, we’ll be taking a look at all the mid-major teams to make the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. Here, now, is North Dakota State.

North Dakota — it’s not just for people who live in North Dakota anymore. You’ve seen “Fargo,” right? That’s where this school is! And there’s a lot more to enjoy about this fine state than just the vaguely Canadian-sounding people. Take, for example, this basketball team, the winners of the Summit League. They squeezed past Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Mastodons in the conference title game to secure their NCAA tourney bid.

Taylor Braun is their dude. He’s a senior and he puts up over 18 points a game now. Stop him, and you’re in the clear.

Want to know more?


Record: 25-6 (12-2).

Conference: Summit League.

Location: Fargo, North Dakota

Last NCAA Tourney appearance: 2009.

Best Tweet:


Best police blotter item: Well, I found out that in North Dakota you can be thrown in jail for wearing a hat while dancing, or even wearing a hat while other people are dancing nearby.

Notable alumni: Some former and current NFL players, Neil Wagner of the San Diego Padres, and Miss North Dakota 2006.

Strengths: Offense, veteran leadership.

Weaknesses: From North Dakota.

Did you know?: Bison are North America’s largest land animals.

Can you count on them for an upset?: They’re being touted as a trendy upset pick thanks to their veteran players and “legit” offense. Plus, 12 seeds seem to upset 5 seeds all the time, so if they do get that slot, look out.


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