KU Boobs Twitter Site Will Not Shut Down, And Of Course There’s A Taiwanese Animation Treatment Of The Controversy

  • Rick Chandler

The University of Kansas would like to emphasize that is is not demanding that the KU Boobs Twitter site be shut down. Associate athletic director Larry Marchiony says that the university just wants the site to stop selling merchandise with KU branding on it. So no, the site will not be shutting down. THey’ll just have to stop selling stuff like bracelets with “I Love KU Boobs” on them, in which part of the proceeds went to help fighting breast cancer.

But that hasn’t stopped a huge “Save KU Boobs” movement from developing anyway, and that was probably the Twitter site author’s plan all along. Kansas City Star:

For the uninitiated, the @KUboobs account has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter, and mostly specializes in collecting, and then disseminating, photos of KU fans in low-cut shirts. (We’ll pause for a moment to recognize how ridiculous this all is.) The account caught fire this past basketball season and inspired a so-called “boobment” of similarly-themed accounts. The Royals? Missouri? Yeah, they all have similar sites.

Meanwhile, one of the actual KU Boobs photo submitters has outed herself. Jojo Von Southi is one of the few submitters to actually include her face in the photo, and it’s no wonder: she appears to be a professional model. We included her in out slideshow on Tuesday.