La Salle Advanced To The Sweet 16 On The Ol’ “Southwest Philly Floater”

  • Glenn Davis

Rejoice, La Salle fans: your team’s the other big Cinderella of the NCAA Tournament, beating Ole Miss 76-74 tonight to advance to the Sweet 16. Rejoice, rest of America: Marshall Henderson’s time in the limelight (for now) is no more. And the Explorers did it in thrilling fashion, with Tyrone Garland hitting a shot down low off the glass with 2.5 seconds left for the game’s final points. Here’s how it looked:

And here’s how it looked from the La Salle cheering section:

As soon as the clock hit all zeroes, Garland’s shot was a guarantee to go down in La Salle lore, whether he gave it a catchy nickname or not. But when he was asked about the shot… well, just check out the 28-second mark below (h/t Crossing Broad):

Southwest Philly Floater. That one’ll stick, I think.