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UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad Sulked After Teammate Larry Drew’s Buzzer-Beater Because Shabazz Muhammad Didn’t Shoot The Ball

  • Dylan Murphy

As the clock struck zero on a game tied at 57, UCLA’s Larry Drew nailed a step-back jumper for the win over Washington. The crowd went crazy. Larry Drew went crazy. His teammates went crazy. There was a dogpile. There was also UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad, who didn’t sprint towards Drew when the ball went in. He hesitated, then walked. Right past the dogpile, too.

As SportsCenter’s graphics show us, Muhammad demanded the ball from Drew on that final possession, clapping his hands and stomping around because he wanted his turn at hero-ball. Drew ignored him, instead using a pick and roll to setup his own game-winner. Muhammad then raced under the basket for a rebound, but there was none. Instead, pandemonium and a case of sour grapes.

Here’s what he said after the game:

“Oh yeah, I wanted the ball, but Larry is such an aggressive player. When the ball went up I knew it was going to be good. Everyone was on him and attacking him and I knew he was either going to have something broken or come up with some scratches, so I was going to wait until he gets up to congratulate him. That was a big-time shot and we’re all so happy that we won the game. “

So happy! Such joy! Such conscientiousness! Shabazz Muhammad is all about risk aversion, what with his ties to financial planners and all.