Looks Like Chris Webber Is Warming Up To The University Of Michigan Again

  • Eric Goldschein

Yesterday marked the end of the University of Michigan’s official disassociation with former players Chris Webber, Maurice Taylor and Louis Bullock (and the late Robert Traylor). For 10 years, Michigan had to pretend like C-Webb and his Fab Five crew didn’t kick Big 10 ass, and Webber had to pretend like he jumped straight to the pros and just had an affinity for maize and blue on his own.

Now the ban has been lifted, and people are talking about both sides — mainly, Webber and Michigan, because no offense to Louis Bullock but, dude, who are you again? — kissing and making up. The Michigan AD Dave Brandon, sounding a little starstruck, was quoted as saying: “I’ve never met any of those guys, and I am looking forward to meeting them… If any of those guys are interested in meeting with me, that would be great.”

What’s Webber’s take on the lifted ban? This:

So much symbolism in one photo! The Michigan jersey! The attractive girl! The timing! Is he using Aaliyah in his jersey to symbolize his collegiate career’s rise from the dead? (Is it too soon to make a connection like that?) Is it just that Aaliyah was super fly and wearing his gear?Whatever the meaning, it looks like Webber is excited to rekindle his romance with the girl that shunned him for taking money from an older man, all those years ago.

[h/t @cjzero]